Proud of all Americans

Dear Editor:

I am proud to live in the United States of America where our freedom includes the right to choose our leaders and the right to expect our politicians to use their office with integrity, to decrease our national debt and protect this great land—right on down to responsible service on the city and school district levels.

I am proud to live in Minnesota where we can choose to live and let live and, being true to democracy, doing what we can to not force religious beliefs on others but allow gay persons the same opportunities, including family medical care for their children.

I am proud of all Americans who open their hearts to others—from opening their wallets to the needs of others, around the world and in the storm-ravaged eastern part of our nation, to opening their busy schedules for giving blood to save lives, which I see at the Memorial Blood Center drive in the Isanti Community Center every other month.  You are so appreciated.

God bless us, each and every one.

Marjie Butler