Isanti to release resident guide

The city of Isanti plans to release a community guide available to new and current city residents.

Isanti Mayor George Wimmer said he proposed the idea back in 2007, but the City Council at the time wasn’t interested.

Now the council is moving forward with the project, and Wimmer said he expects the guide to be out within a couple weeks.

The resident guide will include basic information about living in Isanti, including community standards and rules, such as how to obtain a permit or license a dog, where to bring compost materials and storage and parking regulations.

The guide will include a letter from the mayor welcoming new residents to the community. It will also have useful information about companies that provide services like trash, electricity and Internet along with their contact information.

“It’s a way to draw people in,” Wimmer said. “Everything from the mundane like ‘where’s my garbage service?’ to more community information.”

He said they’ll try to tie it into the community history project as a way to let people know what makes Isanti unique.

The guide will be available on the city’s website that people can print off, but Wimmer said he’s hoping to find sponsorship in order to turn the guide into a booklet to be distributed.

“I think what it does is twofold. For new residents, it’s a nice easy guide to everything from setting up their garbage service or a new phone, it has contacts of organizations—all that information will be right there for you,” Wimmer said. “It will also have basic information in there about ordinances that most people come in touch with, like getting a dog licensed or getting a permit—the basic thing that most residents run into, so they’ll all have that right there so they’ll be well equipped. It will tie everyone together to give them a basis of commonality within the community.”