Heartland Express purchases router for backup Internet connection

The Isanti County Board approved Transit Director Craig Rempp’s request to purchase a router for backup Internet connection.

Rempp said Heartland Express has been looking into a backup solution for their Internet connection, which has been disrupted several times in the past year.

When the interruption occurs, the dispatch system goes down and employees have no way to schedule the next day’s rides.

In the past when the Internet connection has failed, dispatchers would either manually write the next day’s trip sheets for the bus routes by pulling out the previous day trip sheet and all the paper copies of the current day’s phone calls and piece together the schedule, or they would stay in the office after hours until the Internet came back online.

“Either way is time consuming and costly for Heartland,” Rempp wrote in his request to the board.

The backup system the board approved is a router through Verizon Wireless with a one-time cost of $620, a monthly service fee of $10 and a usage fee of $10 per gigabyte.

It’s an Integrated Broadband Router that will be connected to the current hardware. The router will sit idle until it senses an interruption to the current Internet connection and then connects through a wireless connection. When it senses the current connection coming back online, the router will shut itself down to sit idle again.

“On an afternoon, we might run up a $200 bill while we’re using it, but that would be the high end,” Rempp told the board.

Parks Department purchases Bobcat tiller

The Isanti County Board approved Parks Director Barry Wendorf’s request to purchase a Bobcat Three-Point Tiller.

The Bobcat will be purchased from Crawford Equipment for $2,569, with $1,000 coming from a Legacy Grant Award through the Anoka Sandplain Partnership and the remaining from the department’s 2012 Special Project Budget.

The Bobcat will be used fire breaks around the oak savanna restoration project and in Springvale, Anderson and Becklin parks.

In other action, the board:

• Awarded the snowplow bid to Landworks Construction for $60 per hour for a plow truck and $110 per hour for salting and sanding.

• Ratified the hiring of Jill Olson as Assistant County Attorney effective Nov. 19.

• Accepted a grant of $1,392 for Isanti County Family Services, which will be used for licensing the LexisNexis software for $116 per month.

• Adopted a donations policy, which provides guidelines for the acceptance and use of donations received by the county. According to the policy, all donations have to be accepted by resolution of the county board as required by Minnesota statute, Finance Director Chad Struss said. This will most likely be done on a monthly basis.