Cambridge hears update from recent “Sister City” trip to Japan

The Cambridge City Council heard a report from Joe Morin regarding his latest trip to Yuasa, Japan, one of the “Sister Cities” of the city of Cambridge.

During the council meeting Friday, Nov. 2, Morin, who is the  “Sister City” representative for the city of Cambridge, updated the council on his trip to Yuasa from Oct. 15-24.

While Morin was in Yuasa, he presented the city of Yuasa with a gift from the city of Cambridge, which was a silver plate, engraved by Chilson Jewelers.

Yuasa officials presented Morin with a framed gold portrait of Yuasa’s national bird, which is a crane, which he presented to the Cambridge City Council.

In March 1986, the sister city relationship between Yuasa and Cambridge began.

Yuasa is located in the southwestern part of Japan, along the ocean. The population of Yuasa is approximately 17,000. Yuasa is known for many products in Japan’s culture including 50 percent of the nation’s harvest of oranges, pure mineral water, hot springs, fishing, the origin of soy sauce, and the origin of “Kinzanji Miso” (bean paste).

“We had a lot of fun on this trip, and the city of Yuasa was extremely gracious and kind,” Morin said. “While I was there I experienced an earthquake and aftershock, and also a typhoon for two days, but my host family made sure I was okay. It was amazing though, that we would still see little kids walking to school even during the typhoon.”

Morin explained a trip is being planned for June 2013 to the city of Cambridge’s other “Sister City,” Rattvik, Sweden.

Morin explained the mission of a “Sister City” relationship is to promote international communication and understanding through exchanges of people, ideas and culture.

Cambridge Mayor Marlys Palmer thanked Morin for taking the trip to Yuasa and being the “Sister City” representative for the city of Cambridge.