Newly re-elected President Obama never more hopeful for America

Saying he is hopeful “tonight,” newly re-elected President Barack Obama said what makes America great is love, duty, sharing and patriotism.

Obama spoke to a large group of supporters in an indoor setting in Chicago to celebrate his victory over Gov. Mitt Romney.

“Despite all the hardships we have been though, I have never been more hopeful for America,” Obama said. “I believe we can build on the progress we have made,” he emphasized. “I believe we can see the future together. We are the United States of America and can continue our journey forward.”

Obama thanked everyone who participated in this election, whether they had an Obama or Romney sign. “You made a difference,” he said.

Obama praised Romney’s legacy and said he looked forward to sitting down with Gov. Romney and moving forward.

Personally thanking Vice President Joe Biden, his wife Michele and his children, Obama especially thanked his campaign team as being the best in the history of politics. “You lifted me up the whole way,” he said.

Talking government, Obama said that many thing Congress is a concept of egos and a domain of special interests. He talked about getting jobs for veterans and said that’s why we do this — that’s what politics can be.

“When we make decisions as a country, it stirs passing and controversy; this is a mark of our liberty. . . We want our children to live in an America not burdened by debt. We want to have the best troops the world has ever known. . .We believe in a generous America and a tolerant America.”

Obama said he believes the economy is recovering and a decade of war is ending. “Whether I earned your vote or not, I have learned from you. Tonight, you voted for actions, not politics as usual.”

Obama said he was eager to work with leaders of both parties. Talking to his supporters, Obama said “we have more work to do. . it’s about what can be done, not for us but by us.”