Take advantage of your right to vote

Make time to vote on Tuesday, Nov. 6. With a presidential election, two state constitutional amendment questions and key positions up for election in state and local races, your vote matters more than ever.

Our opinion pages have been filled the past few weeks with letters to the editor for and against the marriage amendment, as well as the voter I.D. amendment. We also had several letters voicing support for candidates they would like to see elected.

We encourage you to take time to look through the Voter’s Guide that was included in last week’s edition. The Voter’s Guide included information on candidates running for state and local offices. Take time to read through the candidate’s information. A lot of work goes into the Voter’s Guide—on our end as well as on the candidate’s end. Make sure to utilize the Voter’s Guide to help you make an informed decision for the candidate of your choice.

Every single vote makes a difference in the election.

In November 2010, Isanti City Council member Sue Larson was re-elected by seven votes. And in November 2008, Isanti County Commissioner Larry Southerland was re-elected by eight votes.

As of Oct. 26, Isanti County had 21,695 registered voters. It would be nice to see 21,695 votes cast. Close races happen locally, and your vote does matter.

I would like to applaud our local candidates this year. In this newspaper, we didn’t see a lot of negative advertising or letters to the editor. With the inundation of negative advertising on television right now, it was a refreshing change.

Our local polls are open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. on election day. We had a listing of polling locations in last week’s Voter’s Guide. Be sure to go to your correct polling location.

Also, the Secretary of State’s website, www.sos.state.mn.us, has a plethora of information on elections and voting. If you type in your address, they have a link that will show you the exact races you will see on your ballot.

Be sure to watch our website, www.isanticountynews.com, on election night for all your local election results. As results become available, we will get them posted for you. Two years ago, the first township reported election results around 9 p.m.

Make time to vote on Tuesday, Nov. 6.