Correct attendance records for Commissioner Alan Duff

Dear Editor:

I would like to correct some misstatements made by Dale Strike regarding my attendance as Isanti County Commissioner.

First, the core job of a County Commissioner is to attend the 24 regular board meetings each year where we officially vote on issues. Over the last four years, I have attended 91 out of 92 Isanti County Board meetings. The only meeting I missed was due to the death of my father in August 2011. No Commissioner has attended more meetings over the last four years. (Source: Isanti County Board meeting minutes, 2009-2012,

Secondly, I have made over 90 percent of my Committee meetings over the past few years. The only meetings I have typically missed have been when there are two meetings scheduled at the same time at different locations. For example, I usually miss the Metropolitan Emergency Services Board meetings in St. Paul on the first Wednesday mornings every other month because they are held at the same time as our regular county board meetings held in Cambridge. I agree that showing up for work is important and believe my public attendance record speaks for itself.

Alan Duff
Isanti County Commissioner