Community feeds the hungry

Dear Editor:

The Cambridge community is a great place to live. I have lived here for over 17 years, I have many wonderful friends here, and I have experienced the kindness of many people. However, there seems to be some tension and division right now as we are in an election year. People have strong feelings about what they feel is right or wrong and this has caused neighbors to disagree. Sometimes the disagreements have fractured friendships as lines are drawn in the sand over the issues at hand. It is understandable to disagree, but sad to watch neighborliness digress to battle formations.

However, the silver lining was revealed at the Kids Against Hunger World Food Day packing held Oct. 13 at Cambridge-Isanti High School.

From 8 a.m. until 6 p.m., 250 people united together for the common cause of feeding hungry people. People that stand on opposite sides of the political battlefield stood shoulder-to-shoulder packing meals, laughing and making a difference, united together. This really defines the people of this community. When there is a common need or cause like Breast Cancer Awareness (a bike ride for this was held the same day as our packing) or homelessness (Box City), or personal injury or sickness, the American people set aside differences and help.

When I lived in a developing country and described the volunteer efforts in America which drive programs like Kids Against Hunger, the pastor of a very large church in the city my family lived in was surprised, and really amazed that people would give so much of their time. He said they needed to have that kind of spirit grow in their country. It exists here in the USA and was truly displayed last week by the individuals and businesses that raised the money and worked to produce over 60,000 meals to feed the hungry. You can see the faces of many who worked hard on Saturday at the Kids Against Hunger-Cambridge page.

I deeply appreciate all of the people that came out on a nice Saturday to selflessly serve people they will never meet. Thank you to the business community and individuals that gave generously to help World Food Day be a success. Thanks to all involved, who showed that political barriers are meaningless and we can join together, crossing over the lines to meet the needs of people near us, as well as around the world.

Jeff Boyum, Director
Kids Against Hunger-Cambridge