Vote Yes on marriage amendment

Dear Editor:

Should you vote yes or no on the marriage amendment? We can all ask ourselves if we think men should marry men or women should marry women. Most of the people in Minnesota, I think, believe marriage is between a man and a woman.

For people who consider themselves Christians the answer is not that difficult to find. We Christians believe the Bible is the inspired word of God. When a Christian enters the voting booth and comes to that amendment he or she should ask themselves a couple of questions. 1) Is the Bible wrong? 2) Do I know better than the Bible? If your answer to even one of those questions is no then it seems you must vote Yes on the Marriage Amendment. Voting yes does not mean that God or Christians hate homosexuals. Some of our bishops, pastors and priests have come out in opposition to the Marriage Amendment. Clearly they have decided that at least some of the Bible is wrong. I do not know what Lord they now serve but it is not the Lord Jesus Christ.

If the marriage amendment fails we can be sure that some of our political leaders will try very hard to overturn the ban on same sex marriage in Minnesota. We must not allow these politicians to redefine marriage in Minnesota. Vote Yes so that Minnesota can take her place beside the 31 states that have already passed marriage amendments.

Garen Engquist