Vote Yes on marriage amendment to protect the best interest of children

Dear Editor:

Why has virtually every society created an institution for marriage? Two words: “Children” and “Society.”

The government creates laws for the benefit of society and for the continuance of society. It is not interested in what some people may desire—but only in what is best for society.

Children are government’s best “hope for the future.” It is because of children that our society will have its best opportunity for continuance. It is for this reason and this reason alone that government licenses marriage. Children can only be procreated through a heterosexual relationship. The government also recognizes it is in children’s best interest to be raised by both a loving mother and father. Hence the reason government sanctions marriage. They know that strong families create strong societies.

The state is not interested in what people like or dislike, (unless it is something that directly benefits society) and therefore does not pass laws to address those likes and dislikes. Two people of the same sex, even though they may be in a loving relationship and may desire marriage and even feel they are entitled to it, cannot procreate children. Therefore, this relationship is not a direct benefit to society.

Please vote to protect the best interest of children and hence our society by voting “Yes” on the marriage amendment. Not voting on the issue is considered a No vote. The amendment will be on the back side of the ballot.

Nancy Sylvester, Sandstone
Property owner in Isanti County