Time for a change in Athens Township

Dear Editor:

Earlier this summer, many Athens Township residents expressed their concern relative to an agreement to allow Great River Energy (GRE) to install power lines through our township and near many of our homes. In the end, after paying little attention to our concerns, this plan was approved. We feel that we were “sold out” for $$ from GRE and East Bethel for a ballfield and some repairs made to a small portion of a road that borders both East Bethel and Athens Township, rather than letting Great River complete their negotiation with East Bethel, which had the preferred route for the power lines.

Only one member of the Zoning & Planning Commission stood up for us and voted “no,” and none of the Board members did. In the end, $$ spoke louder than the residents.

There are three (3) positions up for re-election at the upcoming election on Nov. 6:

Seat A: Barb Kilpatrick (incumbent)/Craig Ahlstrom

Seat B: Dave Henderson (incumbent)/Daniel Woodfill

Seat D: Rick McVenes (incumbent)/David Beckstrom

We encourage all Athens Township residents to vote for a change in these “seats” in the hope that we will be better represented in the future. Please consider voting for Craig, Daniel and David.

Jim and Carol Bostrom
Arnie and Jane Hischer
Athens Township