Senator Nienow sticks to his principles

Dear Editor:

Being offended by “all the fighting” in our state legislature seems a favorite “reason” for Democrats to seek elected office.  Often this stated objective is followed by name calling and distortions of their opponent’s record. This behavior is being exhibited in our District 32A Senate race. It is difficult to see how such behavior would bring civility to the senate.

One need only look at Senator Nienow’s work with Democrat Senator John Marty on the Medicaid audit bill they co-authored to get a clear picture of our senator’s ability to unite legislators to pass good legislation.

He and Senator Marty certainly have their differences, but were able to work through them to author a significant piece of legislation. I doubt either called the other one names in the process, but we can be certain there was a vigorous debate because that is democracy.

Senator Nienow sticks to his principles when standing up for families, taxpayers and small businesses by demanding spending and over-regulation be brought under control. I’m thankful our senator represents us with the courage to take a stand when protecting our basic freedoms, one of which is property rights taken from us in the form of excessive taxation.

Senator Nienow is vice chairman of the senate finance committee, which gives us in District 32 a strong principled voice in all things financial. Do we want to lose that to someone who believes she and the government can manage our money and our lives better than we can?

Tyler Peterson