Questions for incumbents

Dear Editor:

Isanti County residents should ask how our incumbents spent our tax dollars during their current term of office.

One question our incumbents for state legislative positions (republican or democrat) should be required to answer is:

Did they receive their salary, paid by our tax dollars, during the government shutdown while state workers were laid off and did not receive their pay?

One question our incumbent for the school board should answer is:

Did he vote to spend many, many, thousands of dollars of Isanti County citizens tax dollars in legal fees to initiate an investigation against our high school principal during a school sponsored seminar in 2010 only to find the charges against him were frivolous and without merit?

Our incumbents should be required to answer this question and our vote should be determined by their answer. If they choose not to respond, I will assume the answer is yes and vote accordingly.

Jerry Oldenburg