More greed for the GOP

Dear Editor:

Who needs the natural landscape of nature neither shaped nor flattened and polluted by man? Who needs to enjoy the peace and beauty of such places like the B.W.C.A. when man can pocket the financial rewards of mining it?

This is Chip Cravaack’s mind-set during his debate with Rick Nolan. Chip indicated he was against the creation of the B.W.C.A. Anyone who has ever been there will tell you how lucky we are to have one of the most pristine areas of the world for all to enjoy. Chip’s vision is probably more like seeing roads, mining operations with the forest laid bare, with toxic chemical filled holding ponds which could leak into some of the purest water on Earth.

Mining operations have a life term. Once the minerals are removed the scars are there forever, as we see in mining areas across the world. We need mining, but not in or even close to the B.W.C.A. Chip criticized Nolan for supporting the legislation creating the B.W.C.A. Why? Well say that now as you want to kiss up to the mining industry well knowing that now the B.W.C.A. can not be touched under federal regulations, but it makes you look good to the mining industry and Nolan looks bad in order to get their financial support.

Dennis Lund