‘Forward.’ Really?

Dear Editor:

President Obama is using a catch phrase for re-election: “Forward.” However, the country is moving backwards and everyone’s finances are as well. Lets take a look under the hood from the last four years.

• Fuel cost soaring in excess of $3.50 per gallon for the last three years. This affects freight/shipping cost for our products. In return, all products will cost you more because of the gasoline cost to the consumer. Grade F

• Unemployment. Even after a $871 billion Jobs program and the $8,000 home credit for first time homebuyers, the unemployment rate is still in excess of 8 percent. Moreover,the countries GDP remains dismal at an all time low of 1.23 percent. Grade D

• Educator’s … This administration, after the $871 billion in Jobs creation, ask yourself what education received? Goose egg. However,green energy received $90 billion? After all the promises, he has done nothing to support our schools. Grade D-

• Tax relief. Middle class workers … Again, what are you not seeing is this President and his administration had 18 months to pass whatever they wanted since they had the necessary Democratic votes. What did they pass? Welfare care, AKA, ObamaCare. Middle class, look into the mirror and ask yourself when have you ever received a federal tax cut from a Democrat president?

• Welfare and government reliance is one area our President excels at. With 51 percent of the working force that actually pays taxes, our government reliance has risen 23 percent. That means 47 million people are relying on the taxpayers to support them. Even the director of social security disability for the Obama administration explained 30 percent of individuals are fraudulent and the President did nothing. I believe this number is much higher. Also, keep in mind the Heritage Foundation’s finding of facts claims a full welfare recipient will take in the same as a working person making $50,000 a year. When was the last time you ever received a thank you from a welfare recipient? The choice is yours.

Jerry Grell