SOS for Mess Distress celebrates 20th anniversary with open house

For over 20 years, Susi McCune has been offering SOS for Mess Distress™ both through her consulting services and public speaking.

In addition to helping clear the clutter in many dozens of homes and offices, she has also shared organizing strategies with hundreds of people through her presentations, Community Ed classes, and individual counseling. Susi’s Nuts & Bolts for PO’s™ seminars have also established her as the area’s leading trainer of other professional organizers since 1998.

When asked what some of the most important techniques she has learned over the years, McCune outlines her G.I.G.G.L.E. Process™.

“It’s a six-step approach to organize just about anything,” she claims. “The acronym stands for Get moving, Identify, Group like items together, Give them a place, Label, and Establish a routine. For instance, to organize your bills, you would Get moving by bringing the mail to the office, kitchen, or usual drop spot. Then, sort through the stack and Identify any bills to pay. Group the financial documents and invoices together, and Give them a place – a basket, folder, box, etc. The next step is to Label that container – “Bills to Pay” or “Accounts Payable,” for instance. Finally, plan when you will actually be paying the bills (along with balancing the checkbook, considering insurance, credit card, and other offers, and filing receipts). Establish a routine by designating a certain time each week to deal with financial papers. Make a commitment to your plan by recording the time on your calendar for several weeks in advance.

“Labeling is probably one of the most important steps to getting and staying organized,” McCune maintains. “Each drawer, shelf, and container should be labeled in three words or less – without using ‘junk drawer’ or ‘miscellaneous.’ By labeling the contents or use, we are reminded of what our intentions were when we stored something, and it helps others to know what we were thinking, too,” she added.

An Open House to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Specialized Organization Services LLC will be held Friday, Oct. 19  from 4 to 8 p.m. and Saturday, Oct. 20 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. McCune will be offering product demos and tips, as well as snacks, prizes and special offers.

Representatives from will also be on hand with items from their newest catalog. The public is invited to join them at the SOS Classroom in Isanti at 110 NW 2nd Ave.

For more information about SOS for Mess Distress services call 763-444-4585 or email [email protected]