It’s OK to vote your values

Dear Editor:

Vote Yes on the Marriage amendment between one man and one woman and make this a future decision by the people and not politicians.

Through their ads the opposition is trying to make us feel guilty about voting Yes on this amendment. They want us to believe by voting yes, we would be denying a person the fundamental right to marry whom they wish. They want us to believe that homosexual marriage is acceptable and validated by God and society. They want this issue to be legislated by politicians and judges instead of the people.

This offends my core beliefs that I was raised with. Same sex marriage is already illegal in Minnesota along with marriage between an ancestor, a descendant, a brother and sister; an uncle and niece, an aunt and nephew, or between first cousins.

If you were raised with values that tell you homosexuality and incest are wrong then it follows that same sex marriage is also wrong. Don’t let anyone pressure you into ignoring your values by spinning this as a freedom issue. It’s about our core values. It’s OK to vote our belief and it’s OK to believe in what our God tells us and it is OK to stand by Him. It’s OK to vote yes.

If this were a civil rights issue the opposition would be advocating for the removal of the entire illegal marriage statute thus not only making same sex marriage legal but also those of incest.

This moral decision of marriage should be left up to the voters of Minnesota and not legislators or activists judges. Don’t put this moral issue in the hands of politicians and by all means don’t compromise your beliefs and vote no because of some TV ads that have been designed to make you feel guilty. Don’t ignore the amendment on your ballot because a non vote is a no vote. Do your research, Vote Yes.

Steve Baker