Support given for Terry Turnquist

Dear Editor:

I want to express my support for Terry Turnquist for County Commissioner for District 2 in Isanti County.

I have known Terry for many years and know him as an honest family man with good values and common sense. Terry understands the needs and concerns of the citizens of District 2. He understands that with the proper planning and prioritizing he can keep taxes down while supporting and properly funding county services. He told me that keeping the roads in good shape and properly funding county law enforcement are important priorities to him. The sheriff’s office has greater demands on it now than ever before and Terry understands that.  He supports properly funding the sheriff’s office so we can do our job to protect you and give you the service you ask for and deserve.

I believe it is time to start looking to the future and quit living in the past. It is time for a change and that is why I will be voting for Terry Turnquist for County Commissioner this November and I ask you to do the same.

Russ Monson
(Editor’s Note: The letter writer is currently the Isanti County Sheriff.)