Be a responsible citizen voter

Dear Editor:

I used to be a Republican. In my uneducated youth I was a Democrat. Now I call myself neither. Republicans, your party is struggling to get out of the swamp of the “old guard” Rino moderate. Democrats, your party has been taken over by Progressives and Marxists. As for me, and I believe a majority of Americans, I am for Liberty.

Our nation was formed in an entirely new and experimental way. “A republic, if you can keep it,” as Benjamin Franklin said. We are not a democracy, monarchy, fascist, socialist or communist. Yet our current president and those who have infiltrated his party for over 100 years have deliberately massaged us in this direction. Their weapons? 1) Gain control over education so children from infancy have a different worldview, without parents even realizing it, and 2) So cripple and regulate our economy as to cause ever greater numbers of people to be totally dependent upon government. Voila. We are nearly there. Forty-seven to 51 percent of Americans do not pay taxes and are dependent on what has come to be viewed as “entitlements.”

We have had greater than 8 percent unemployment for 43 straight months; gas prices double what they were four years ago; personal wealth of every single American half what it was; children who don’t know what end is up or that they are responsible for anything. Mitt Romney is not my ideal candidate. But I also know that he won’t peck my eyes out nor allow the Muslim Brotherhood to complete The Project. Do your research. Be a responsible citizen voter.

Rebecca Lansing