Why wasn’t Constitution Party candidate included?

Dear Editor:

I am concerned about a phone call received by a friend of mine from “Campaign Voicemail” regarding a poll for the upcoming elections for State Representative 32A. The automated system asked the listener if they planned to vote in the upcoming elections if yes, press 1; Then preceded to ask: Who do you plan to vote for: DFL Candidate Paul Gammel, GOP Candidate Brian Johnson or Undecided. What about Paul Bergley, Constitution Party candidate?

It took a lot of work for him to get on the ballot. He does not get a freebie like the Republicans and Democrats. He had to obtain 500 signatures just to get on the ballot. He deserves a fair shot at the election including any polls being taken. Who is this Campaign Voicemail? Does Paul Bergley threaten the outcome of the race because he actually speaks about real issues and is willing to take a stand where no one else will?

He may not be mainstream or fit in with the elite district regulars, and maybe was not born in the area, but he has some legitimate points and a willingness to stand up for the people because he is a Constitutionalist and believes that the people should be represented by and for what God intended for our lives and families, not what Washington dictates our lives to be, to fit into their globalist box. He at least deserves to have his name listed as an option for local voters. “Campaign Voicemail” are you threatened by Paul Bergley that you cannot even list his name on your poll?

Dirty politics, it’s all the same. The two party system is broken. It is time to allow the Independent people who still believe in democracy to get a chance to represent the people who still want to live in a free country.

Paul Bergley is running for State Representative 32A. He should have been listed on the recent poll taken.

Alyson Miller