Pray for America in October

Dear Editor:

I believe our nation is in serious trouble. We have been spared in past wars and, except for 911, destruction and hardship has not come near us. The foundation of this nation and the God of our founding fathers has kept us safe.

The organization, Intercessors for America, is encouraging us to pray for America at 9:11 am and/or 9:11 p.m. throughout October. You can visit their website at

The days we live in are critical and we must put aside our disagreements, our differences and preferences. Let us humble ourselves and ask God to move in our land. It is my desire that the hearts of all believers across our country would vote their conscience. We have the freedom and the privilege, along with the responsibility as citizens to cast our votes in this election. We need honest men and women with integrity to fill the vacant seats in the House and Senate, along with the office of President, so that we can again be proud to say, “In God we trust.”

Betty Cedergren