Elect strong conservative leaders

Dear Editor:

I’ve had enough. Have you?

It is time to elect strong, conservative leaders like Brian Johnson and Sean Nienow. It is time to get over being sad about our friends and neighbors who are unemployed; the empty store fronts; all the homes that are foreclosed, and the threats of more taxes by Governor Dayton.

Rather than reform state government and cut spending, Gov. Dayton continues to push for more taxes and more government spending. In a speech at the University of Minnesota’s Humphrey School of Public Affairs, he said he would stay the course and continue to push for higher taxes on Minnesota families and small businesses.

In fact, Dayton said, “this unwillingness to pay (more) taxes … is going to be the death of this country [if] it’s not corrected. “Really? That wasn’t the case under Reagan, or even over the last two years in Minnesota when the Republican–led Legislature held the line on taxes.

Over the next two years, Dayton will push for increasing sales and income taxes. He won’t divulge all the details until after the election, but what I do know is that Gov. Dayton needs a check on his power or all Minnesotans will see higher taxes next year.

It is absolutely critical that we elect Brian Johnson and Sean Nienow, or Gov. Dayton will be able to do just about  whatever he wants, including  raising taxes for Minnesotans struggling in this economy.

I have had enough. Let’s send Gov. Dayton the message that higher taxes won’t put friends and neighbors back to work; bring new businesses to Cambridge or help people keep their homes. Let’s elect strong leaders like Brian Johnson and Sean Nienow who will hold the line on taxes and bring jobs back to our communities.

Lauralynn Staton