No such thing as a ‘free’ I.D.

Dear Editor:

The 24th Amendment to the Constitution bans the use of poll taxes used to prevent people from voting because they lack financial resources. Even if Minnesota offers “free” IDs, Minnesota’s proposed constitutional amendment to require photo IDs to vote would violate the 24th Amendment.

Minnesotans without a car or drivers license will likely have to buy a bus pass (which may not even be an option in rural Minnesota) so they can get their “free” IDs. This will have been a monetary expense and it will be “taxing” on them. Getting a birth certificate to prove citizenship has a monetary expense and this will also be “taxing” on people who want to vote. Even if Minnesota issues “free” IDs so people can vote, obtaining one will not actually be “free.” It might actually be very expensive for some people; it will be taxing on them.

If you care about the principles of the U.S. Constitution in general and the 24th Amendment in particular you should vote No on amending Minnesota’s Constitution to require photo IDs to vote.

T.J. Green