Braham Area Schools are off to a great start

Gregory A. Winter, Superintendent
Braham Area Schools

We have a great start to the school year. We wrapped up most of the projects that needed to be done before the students entered the buildings. Other than some nagging technological issues that every school goes through in the fall, I believe we have had one of our most successful starts to a new school year.

This next paragraph can be put in the file, “You don’t know what it is like until you’ve been through it.” As a teacher and principal, I have dealt with many seniors and parents of seniors in my educational career. Many times this has been a difficult time because the culmination of their educational career is at hand and a decision has to be made for post-secondary plans. As a current parent of a senior, I can now understand some of the anxiety that comes into play during that senior year. Yes, I do have somewhat of an advantage, because my career path has helped alleviate much of the anxiety that I have observed over the years.

The best advice I can give is that it is never too early to start doing some planning. Make sure to have many discussions with your child on how their performance in school translates to having the many opportunities that are available upon graduation. By the time a student enters ninth grade, this is where the “rubber starts to meet the road.” Success now directly translates to credits toward graduation. Even more important, choices made later in a student’s high school career should start to point towards a career path.

By the time students enters their senior year, parents and students should have a good general understanding of the many post-secondary options available. This is probably the most critical time to make sure to stay in contact with the school. Post-secondary planning has become a very complicated process. Please make sure to contact your school to see what assistance they can offer.

Remember that many students will change their mind upon entering a post-secondary institution. It is not uncommon for a young adult to choose a different destination once you have them on the right path.