Support the Voter ID amendment

Dear Editor:

Proof is now available that ultra-massive voter fraud has been alive and well for years in California, and has been ruling the roost. A database check run on voter registrations, mostly in Los Angeles County, has verified that well over a million fraudulent registrations are on file. Even some county government employees in registration offices have admitted to joining in on the fun, falsifying the country of origin and birth dates. There are 200-year-olds still voting. In California they don’t have an illegal alien problem anymore.

But in Minnesota we couldn’t possibly have illegals voting, because as everyone knows, there are no illegal aliens here. And ballot boxes couldn’t get stuffed, because we play according to ‘Minnesota nice.’ Former Senator Coleman can vouch for that. And union leadership would never try to circumvent the will of the people. The unions prove that by looking over your shoulder when you vote at work, just to make sure you don’t accidently vote the wrong way. They only have your best interest at heart. That’s why unions are going all out to help this time around. They know you’re being foolishly suspicious in wanting to make sure that only Americans get to decide America’s future. Problem? What problem?

Rod Bergengren