Power of one vote

Dear Editor:

Don’t ever be lulled into thinking that one vote, perhaps your vote, won’t matter. In one Minnesota House race last election, King Banian in St. Cloud won by 13 votes. And in 2002, Senator Deanna Wiener (incumbent in metro District 38) lost by only 25 votes. I can only imagine the disappointment of campaign volunteers…“if only I had knocked on a few more doors or made a few more phone calls.”

And think of supporters who were too busy to go to the polls or too tired or too forgetful. Remember, democracy is not a spectator sport. Work for and vote for your candidate. You wouldn’t want to wake up on Wednesday after election and learn that your candidate missed by 13 votes.

My candidate in House District 32A is Paul Gammel. He can count on my vote on Nov. 6. I hope he can count on your vote too.

Jack Stetler
North Branch