Thoughts on community center

Dear Editor:

The city of Isanti’s politicians want city residents to vote on whether or not they should spend $250,000 to remodel the old community center. The question should be whether to add onto the north side of new city hall’s meeting room or remodel the old community center building.

The old community’s building has approximately 4,600 square feet with restrooms. City hall’s meeting room has right now 2,000 square feet plus the handicap accessible restrooms beyond that. They could add to the north side of the meeting room and it would add 2,000 square feet more to the existing room. That would make the meeting room as large as the old community center’s entire building at 4,000 square feet; with restrooms space outside that.

Instead of throwing money at the old building now and again in 10 years, the addition could go as far out in city hall’s parking lot as the handicap ramp. Then pave the community center properties for more legal parking instead of all the illegal parking that happens on the grass now. Parking on grass is against city ordinances. Residents would be getting more out of the money being spent instead of just spending tax dollars twice. Remodeling now then spending how much more again in 10 years to rebuild or replace? Residents would save money over time and gain parking space. What do you think is more practical?

Glenn Farrell