Twenty-one students and eight adults from New Hope Community Church spent seven days in San Quintin, Mexico, doing missin work led by Youth Pastor Mark Katzenberger and his wife Krystal Katzenberger. Others on the trip included Anna Nelson, Mackenzie Kruse, Cindy Castruita, Thessa Daniels, Michaela Pasch, Nathaniel Boettcher, Jordan Gillespie, Jonathan Haseth, Tristen Zimprich, Jacob Pasch, Megan Berg, Elizabeth Boettcher, Hannah Swanson, Lydia Boettcher, Leah Schoenecker, Kelly Berg, Keely Pasch, Justin Domino, Michael Haseth, Joshua Bayne, Jacob Wold, Jason Showalter, Todd Kruse, Cherie Berg, Kristie Boettcher, Juanita Daniels and Lynda Domino.