Common Ground hosts Respectful Conversation on marriage amendment Sept. 9

Common Ground—A United Methodist Community and Minnesota Council of Churches—invite the community to attend a Sept. 9 conversation that will focus not on changing minds, but on softening hearts while discussing a divisive issue in Minnesota.

Conversations about significant issues can sometimes be emotional, pick-a-side and fight-it-out discussions that leave us feeling worse about the people we disagree with, and sometimes worse about ourselves. Isn’t there another way to talk?

This congregation has chosen to be a source of living water, cooling the heat of divisive conversations through the Respectful Conversations Project.

Join them to learn and practice how we can discuss significant issues without disliking each other more, but instead by understanding each other better.

• A Respectful Conversation on the Marriage Amendment

• Sunday, Sept. 9, from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. (soup supper to start)

• Hosted by Common Ground – A United Methodist Community, 404 N. Cypress St., Cambridge.

• Pre-registration required online at, or by phone at Common Ground – UMC: 763-689-2071.

The Respectful Conversations Project is a program of the Minnesota Council of Churches with support from the Bush Foundation designed to strengthen civic life.

Congregations throughout Minnesota will be hosting conversations that explore issues through the lens of deeply held convictions while maintaining, even enhancing, relationships among those who disagree.