My neighbors, Alan and Louise Duff

Dear Editor:

I’d like to share about my neighbors Alan and Louise Duff to whomsoever wants to know what great neighbors I have been blessed with.

I met Al and Louise several years ago in church. A few years later my husband passed away, and as many widowers know it is a lonely life even with family all around us.

Al and Louise were very kind to invite me out to eat in a local restaurant and then again to their home in  Isanti. They moved to Long Lake and became my neighbors. I have been invited  numerous times for a pontoon rides on the lake, plus dinner on their deck. I am a blessed women to know them. Needless to say Alan Duff will get my vote in the November elections. I’ve had the opportunity to meet a man and his wife, people of integrity.

No doubt KSTP took what Alan said out of context. That was a no brainer for me. Even through all this so called censoring, Alan set a motion in place to correct part of the auditor suggestions, and three commissioners voted to shelf it.

We Christians need to pray and my suggestion is to pray to Chronicles 7:14 where God is telling us to pray and He will forgive our sins and heal our land.

I read the Aug. 15 Isanti County News, Readers Forum, and saw we could be losing our freedom. We must always remember we the people are the ones who pay those voted into office and if they are not allowing us the freedom (the taxpayer) to speak at public meetings, all 30,000 plus residents, then we need to go to the polls and put people in who will listen to us, the taxpayers, who pay these officials their high wages.

I’m sure many of us love this country and the free America we all enjoy.

• Free to share our thoughts on any conflict of interest that has taken place in our county.

• The freedom to speak up in any public meeting that is taking place in our county.

• Free to pledge allegiance to our flag that says we are indivisible (that is a very interesting word and that word means not to be divided or broken up.) The Bible tells us in Matthew 12:25 a house divided against it self shall not stand …

• Free to have, In God We Trust, on our currency.

• Free to share our faith in God without getting put in prison.

• Free to speak out against abortion, and free to call it what it is, killing our babies, 54 million plus and increasing.

• Free to display the Ten Commandments.

• Free to thank God for all the men and women who fought for and shed their blood for not only this country but also many other countries so we could stay a free nation.

I for one don’t want that freedom ever taken away from me. How about you?

Delores Mix