Braham students’ MCA test scores improve

Braham students in third through sixth grade were significantly above the state average for proficiency in math, reading and science, according to 2012 MCA test results released by the Minnesota Department of Education.

Elementary School Principal Jeff Eklund presented the results to School Board members during the meeting Monday, Aug. 20.

“Our elementary scores for grades three through six are all well above the state average,” Eklund said. “Credit goes to our incredibly hardworking teachers and staff.”

The test shows students that are meeting proficiency levels or higher. For instance, 99 percent of Braham third graders were proficient in reading, compared to the state average of 80 percent.

And 82 percent of Braham fifth grade students scored proficient in science, while 47 percent of students across the state were proficient.

In the high school, students’ test scores improved in math and reading between 2011 and 2012 to meet AYP (Adequate Yearly Progess), but still fell below the state average in proficiency.

“We did make AYP this year, so that was a great accomplishment,” High School Principal Justin Sawyer said. “There was growth from 2011 to 2012 in almost all of the areas, but we still have room for improvement.”