Vote for a leader who values everyone

Dear Editor:

I am writing in response to Mr. Greer’s letter in your past issue. As a committed Christian, I have been pleased to have a president in the White House for the past four years who doesn’t just talk, but works to follow the teachings of Christ. It is my hope that fellow Christians will come out to support him for another four years. I was therefore surprised to read Mr. Greer’s letter this past week critiquing President Obama’s reference to “being our brother’s keeper.”

As Mr. Greer says, “our brother’s keeper” refers to God’s rebuke of Cain for allowing his jealousy to drive him to murder his brother Abel. Then, as today, God’s children often know what is right and good, but choose to put their own desires before others. Jesus said it another way: “Do unto others what you would have them do unto you.”

Making sure that you have access to healthcare when through no fault of your own you lose your job and your work-related insurance, is doing what I’d like done for me in a similar situation. Floating the one-time loan to the automobile industry so that thousands were not thrown onto public welfare seems to have allowed the industry to reestablish its place in the world economy. Unfortunately, a one-time bailout of the banking industry was received by bank executives as if it were an entitlement for bank executives, rather than an opportunity to develop and pass forward assistance to the many Americans who found themselves out of work and unable to continue to pay their ridiculously high mortgages.

Treating others as you would be treated has no guarantees. God allows each of us to be as self-centered as we wish. I hope that you will choose to vote for a leader who values everyone, not just those who have the money to buy him the most votes.

Bonnie Boese