Thank you Commissioner Duff for speaking up

Dear Editor:

I have to laugh that Isanti County Board “censures” Commissioner Alan Duff for speaking out on some of the State Auditor’s report. Thank you Commissioner Duff for standing up for the taxpayers of Isanti County and trying to fix this problem.

Commissioner Duff stated that salaries and expenses for some part-time Commissioners in Isanti County exceed $55,000. The Board states that his statements were false and misleading. His statements are not false or misleading. Two of my neighbors looked at the actual county records and verified all that Commissioner Duff said. Isanti County taxpayers have a right to know the real facts. I find it ridiculous that a part-time politician gets paid more than me and many other full-time workers paying their salaries.

I also want the ‘mistakes’ that one of the commissioners said were made, addressed in detail. The amount of money involved in those ‘mistakes’ came from Isanti County residents’ pockets. Commissioner Duff is courageously trying to correct accountability problems and wants every item of discussion and note to be open to the public’s view and hearing. It is disgusting to slander a courageous politician like Commissioner Duff. It is no wonder that it is very hard to get people of integrity in office when the rule of the day is to slander them.

I am an Isanti County resident with integrity who is not courageous enough to run for office.

Laura Evenson