Isanti City Council Primary Election Results

Steve Lundeen

With 390 votes cast in the Isanti City Council Primary Election held Tuesday, Aug. 14, current council member Steve Lundeen was the top vote-getter with 114 votes, totaling nearly 30 percent of the vote.

Joining Lundeen on the ballot for the Nov. 6 General Election will be Adam Johnson, 73 votes; Mike Streiff, 73 votes, and Kimberly Horst, 59 votes. Voters will vote for two candidates on the General Election ballot in November.

Other candidates in the Isanti City Council Primary Election included Rick Wegwerth, who received 51 votes, and John Booth, who received 20 votes.

U.S. Representative District 8

As far as U.S. Representative District 8, with 98 percent of the precincts reporting, Richard Nolan was declared the winner of the DFL Primary Election receiving 20,242 votes. DFL candidate Tarryl Clark received 16,491 votes, followed by Jeff Anderson with 15,575 votes.

Republican incumbent Chip Cravaack ran unopposed on the ballot and received 18,665 votes.

Local Results by Precinct:

Athens Township: Clark, 27 votes. Nolan, 21 votes. Anderson, 9 votes.

Bradford Township: Nolan, 43 votes. Clark, 37 votes. Anderson, 8 votes.

City of Braham: Clark, 44 votes. Nolan, 19 votes. Anderson, 6 votes.

City of Cambridge West: Nolan, 108 votes. Clark, 92 votes. Anderson, 33 votes.

City of Cambridge East: Clark, 31 votes. Nolan, 17 votes. Anderson, 6 votes.

Cambridge Township: Clark, 40 votes. Nolan, 36 votes. Anderson, 11 votes.

Dalbo Township: Nolan, 7 votes. Anderson, 6 votes. Clark, 4 votes.

City of Isanti: Nolan, 48 votes. Clark, 44 votes. Anderson, 16 votes.

Isanti Township: Nolan, 30 votes. Clark, 30 votes. Anderson, 14 votes.

Maple Ridge Township: Clark, 33 votes. Nolan, 9 votes. Anderson, 3 votes.

North Branch Township: Clark, 56 votes. Nolan, 44 votes. Anderson, 18 votes.

Oxford Township: Nolan, 14 votes. Clark, 10 votes. Anderson, 5 votes.

Spencer Brook Township: Nolan, 27 votes. Clark, 23 votes. Anderson, 8 votes.

Springvale Township: Clark, 25 votes. Nolan, 15 votes. Anderson, 8 votes.

Stanchfield Township: Clark, 15 votes. Nolan, 13 votes. Anderson, 3 votes.

Stanford Township: Nolan, 22 votes.  Clark, 15 votes. Anderson, 7 votes.

Wyanett Township: Nolan, 25 votes.  Clark, 22 votes. Anderson, 4 votes.