Commissioner Duff stands by his statements

Dear Editor:

The Isanti County Board censured me Aug. 1 for “false and misleading” information. I believe nothing I said to the media was false or misleading.

During my interview with KSTP, I said three things:

1) Commissioner salary and benefits cost taxpayers up to $55,000 per year; 2) we have financial management concerns noted in our State Auditor’s report; and 3) that I have concerns with transparency in local government.

For the record, the cost to taxpayers for each county commissioner is published information and ranges from $35,000 to $55,000. The State Auditor indicated several “concerns” in their recent report of Isanti County: we can argue whether they are serious or not, but there are concerns that need to be addressed. My last point, that I have concerns with transparency, is obviously an opinion that is subjective in nature.

As a retired military officer who served under the Military Code of Ethics for 23 years, I take charges of “false and misleading” very seriously. I stand by my comments as accurate statements and opinion regarding some of the concerns facing Isanti County.

Alan Duff
Bradford Township