The Fieldhouse is closer to opening for business in Braham

The Fieldhouse Bar & Grill is getting closer to opening for business in Braham.

During the Braham City Council meeting Tuesday, Aug. 7, the city council approved an interim use permit for The Fieldhouse to include an outdoor patio. The council also amended The Fieldhouse’s liquor license to include the outdoor patio so alcoholic beverages can be brought back to the patio.

Andy Beckstrom, of Grasston, who is opening the restaurant in the former Woody’s location at 112-114 Central Dr. W., said the restaurant will be opening soon.

“We are getting close,” Beckstrom said. “We are waiting on one last part. The state has been in there, and the department of health has given its approval pending this one last part getting installed. We would really like an outdoor patio to be a part of this restaurant.”

Beckstrom explained there will be no selling of alcohol from the outdoor patio, but drinks will be allowed to be brought back there.

As part of the conditions, a six-foot high permanent fence will be installed around the patio, and there will be no live music outside except for a small sound amplification speaker.

If there is any passing of alcohol over the fence or noise concerns, the city reserves the right to require the fence to be extended to 8-feet high, or the city council can revoke the interim use permit. Any complaints or police calls to the establishment are also grounds for revoking the interim use permit.

Hours of operation for the outdoor patio will be 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Monday through Sunday. The patio will also include a screened-in and covered non-smoking porch.

Loren Davis, gambling manager for the Grandy Lions Club, approached the council and received approval to allow charitable gambling at The Fieldhouse.

Davis explained the charitable gambling would include pull tabs, meat raffles and regular raffles. He said bingo will not be offered at the time, but may be considered in the future.

“We would like to get this up and running as soon as the doors open,” Davis said. “The proceeds will benefit various community projects, as well as the Braham Fire Department.”

Davis said the relationship between the Grandy Lions and the Braham Fire Department continues to improve.

“The relationship between the fire department and the Grandy Lions is getting back to where it used to be a few years ago,” Davis said. “We did go through some rough times, but we are working on that. Andy [Beckstrom] has put a lot of work into the building, and we hope this restaurant does well.”