Summer studies at Braham Area Schools

Judy Adams
Braham High School Assistant Principal

Happy summer. This is usually a time when the halls are not as busy with students and most of the activity in the building is our custodial staff doing all their heavy duty cleaning. This year is an exception.

Braham is bustling with Targeted Services (grades 1-6), Extended School Year for Special Education (grades 2-10), summer school for grades 7-9, The Alternative Learning summer session, and our new edition – The Summer Food Service Program which is funded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and administered by the MN Dept. of Education.

Students are served a free breakfast and lunch which keeps the brain nourished for the day of study. Food service reports they average 50 participants a day, but have had up to 100 several times.

Along with the academic programs, activities are also busy. Camps are going on for volleyball, basketball, softball, baseball, football, band lessons, and marching band practice. It’s great to see our students busy and our facility being used year -round.

Greg Winter, our superintendent, received a pleasant surprise in May. He was awarded the “District Leadership Award” for outstanding school administration. His peers from Region 6 voted him the “Administrator of the Year.”

All schools offer learning opportunities year around. Check out the schedule of events in your district.

But above all, take the summer time to refresh your family relationships, take time off to enjoy each beautiful day, and take a good look at your children. When did they get 3” taller? He/She really has an interest in bugs – when did that happen? How can he/she be getting a driver’s license already?

When our students return in September, these are some of the same comments we make. They seem to mature over the summer and return as young adults. This is a compliment to you, parents. Your quality time with your children over the summer is making a difference.

Fall sports activities begin at Braham Aug. 13. Until then, enjoy the sunshine and not setting an alarm.