Environmental site assessment planned for Aldi grocery site

The process of bringing an Aldi grocery store to Cambridge continues to move forward.

During the Cambridge City Council meeting Monday, Aug. 6, the council approved a professional services proposal from Terracon Consultant, Inc. to provide Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) services on the proposed Aldi Inc. site at Hwy. 95 and Balsam Street North.

The city received two proposals, and after reviewing both proposals, the council awarded the bid to Terracon for the cost of $2,250 for Phase 1 ESA for the proposed Aldi Inc. site.

As for as the scope of services, the physical setting for the site will be described based on a review of the applicable USGS topographic quadrangle map, USDA soil survey and selected geologic reference information.

A review of selected historical sources, where reasonably ascertainable and readily available, will be conducted in an attempt to document obvious past land use of the site and adjoining properties back to 1940 or when the site was initially developed, whichever is earlier.

The following selected references, depending on applicability and likely usefulness, will be reviewed for the site:

• Historical topographic maps.
• Aerial photographs (approximate 10 to 15 year intervals).
• City directories (approximate 5 year intervals).
• Fire (Sanborn) insurance maps.
• Property tax file information.
• Site title search information, if provided by client.
• Environmental liens, if provided by the client.
• Building department records.
• Zoning records.
• Prior environmental reports, permits and registrations; or geotechnical reports, if provided by the client.

Terracon will also look for the presence or likely presence of any hazardous substances or petroleum products on a property under conditions that indicate an existing release, a past release, or a material threat of release of any hazardous substances or petroleum products into structures on the property or into the ground, groundwater or surface water of the property.

It will also search several federal, state, and tribal databases, where applicable, that are typically reviewed for indications of Regulatory Records Review.

Terracon indicated the ESA will take approximately two weeks to complete after receiving approval from the council to move forward with the work.

City Center Mall improvements

On May 21, Stan Gustafson, Economic Development Director, presented a verbal update on the proposed City Center Mall improvements.

One of these improvements is the need for a new door for the Army Recruiters.

The door in need of replacement is the interior door leading to the mall corridor. This is not a proper door for the mall; it is a residential door that was installed prior to the city owning the mall.

Gustafson said this door should be replaced with a more secure store-front type door to be consistent with the other mall corridor doors.

After discussion, the EDA approved the recommendation to approve the proposal from Star Quality Glass in the amount of $2,717 to replace the door for the Army Recruiters.

Lynda Woulfe, EDA Executive Director, explained the sidewalk in front of City Center Mall is in need of replacement for three reasons.

First, the cement is pitting badly creating issues for ice and snow removal. Second, the sidewalks leading into two of the suites do not meet ADA requirements and, third, the city received a complaint that people with wheelchairs cannot access the mall through the main double door entrance because there is no ramp.

Woulfe explained this complaint is another ADA issue that must be addressed.

Therefore, to remedy the ADA issue and repair the sidewalk, staff solicited bids for the sidewalk replacement based upon the attached sidewalk plan.

The sidewalk plan also requires some small changes in the parking lot and the restriping of some handicap parking stalls to meet the new ADA requirements.

After discussion, the EDA accepted the proposal from RL Larson in the amount of $13,965 for sidewalk installation.

Woulfe also explained the landscaping needs updating.

She explained weeds and unhealthy plants have been removed as well as the grey rock the weeds were growing through. The city will need to replace some plants, replace the weed barrier fabric and put in wood chips so it’s consistent with the landscaping at city hall.

She explained Public Works Director Steve Wegwerth can get a better quantity price on wood chips if the city uses the same type of chip in all its landscaping throughout the city. They will leave about a three to four foot edging of rocks by the main entry doors where the dogs urinate before entering the grooming place. The rocks will occasionally be rinsed down to get rid of the urine odor.

Before the landscaping gets installed, Woulfe explained the city needs to extend irrigation from the city’s current system. The EDA accepted a proposal from ARC Irrigation for $2,370 to do the irrigation works. It also accepted a proposal from B&M Landscaping for $4,222 to do the landscaping work.

Woulfe explained the budget for the sidewalk repair, landscaping, irrigation, lighting upgrades, replacement of Army’s door, handicap open/closer for main doors, striping of lot for handicap parking stalls, security system improvements, and signage was set at $82,600.

She noted the bids are coming in for all this work and to date it would be at $61,800 if all bids were accepted as is.

The other bids will be coming for EDA approval at later meetings, but Woulfe said she wanted to make sure the EDA had the broad scope in mind when approving these bids.