Stricker family raises funds for Family Pathways

During the Isanti Rodeo Jubilee Days, the Stricker family from Isanti came together to sell turtles for the turtle race and raise money for the community.

Jordyn presents a check for $170 to Isanti Family Pathways employee Jen Grady.

Jordyn, 16, had been looking for a volunteer project as she loves to help others, but also one that would fit in her often hectic schedule. An employee from the Isanti Family Pathways Thrift Store, Jen Grady, came up with the idea and mentioned it to Jordyn’s mom Jody. It flourished from there. The whole Stricker family worked on the project together, with Jordyn putting in over 30 hours herself.

Neighbors donated a pool liner to the Strickers that they then set up in a back-yard pond. Jordyn stated this project was a fun way to spend time with her family and great nature education for her younger siblings. As turtles came out to lay their eggs, someone would “turtle-sit” until they finished, then put them in the “pond pool.” They also took turns catching insects and feeding the turtles. Jordyn said it was so much fun they can’t wait to do it again next year.

During “Kids Day” on Saturday July 7, the turtles were sold prior to the turtle races. A table was set up outside the thrift store with some pop for sale. Jen Grady gathered some containers and water to give out with the turtles. It was important to everyone that the turtles were well cared for and not injured in any way.

Jordyn said she was surprised when all 14 turtles sold within an hour of setting up. “I think people felt good and wanted to purchase from us, knowing the proceeds were going back to the community. We even sold a baby turtle for $20.”

Anyone was allowed to bring their turtles after the race for release back into the wild and hopefully participate in next year’s race. Jordyn wanted to send a special thank you to Isanti store manager Janice Bosman and employees Jen Grady and Liz Gleason for their accommodations.

Stop by the table in front of the thrift store next year to get your turtles. They may try some other ideas as well. This year a total of $170 was raised. The purchase is tax deductible and you will get a receipt.

All proceeds will benefit non-profit Family Pathway’s Programs in Isanti County. Their programs include services for families, youth, and senior citizens in many communities. Family Pathways is always looking for volunteers. To learn more about this, upcoming sales and promotions, and their programs, visit

— Article provided by Jody Stricker