Jobs & Wealth

Dear Editor:

The wealth of our nation, Minnesota and the Eighth Congressional District is in our free entrepreneurial people and our natural resources. We have been blessed with abundant energy resources, rich farm lands, large forest reserves, abundant mineral resources, great natural beauty, a rich history and gifted people.

For that wealth to be beneficial, we must be free to employ our people and responsibly develop our natural resources. The current administration in Washington D.C. is obstructing development of clean, safe, abundant energy sources required to use our other resources (think drilling for oil in the Gulf of Mexico, the Keystone Pipeline to bring Canadian oil to our refineries, preventing vast energy resources on federal lands from being developed and regulating coal use out of existence). In Minnesota, nickel mining is being blocked, plus regulation and taxation are pricing Minnesota products and jobs out of the market.

Our Congressman Chip Cravaack knows significant mineral deposits in the Eighth District can be safely developed and a significant number of well-paying steady jobs generated. He is working tirelessly to remove stated obstacles. He is not beholden to the environmental extremists, most of whom do not live in the Eighth District or Minnesota, obstructing virtually all use of our natural resources and artificially forcing our energy costs to be much higher than would be necessary in a free market. That’s why even the 49ers union are endorsing Congressman Cravaack. My bro-in-law who lives up on da range said that’s the first time in his life that any union of any size up there, endorsed any one but a DFLer.

Larry Bacon