Isanti County reaches six-month milestone with no traffic fatalities for 2012

Isanti County Toward Zero Deaths Safety Coalition has announced that Isanti County has reached a six-month milestone for no traffic fatalities so far in 2012.

In reviewing crash data from the Department of Public Safety, it was noted that so far this year there have been approximately 149 fatalities statewide, which compares to 151 statewide at this same time last year. It was also noted that Isanti County has no known traffic fatalities since the first of the year.

“The Coalition wants to recognize the citizens of Isanti County for this safety accomplishment,” said Bob Bollenbeck, Isanti County Toward Zero Deaths Safety Coalition Coordinator. “Congratulations to the residents of Isanti County and thanks for joining us in this safety partnership by wearing your seatbelts, driving the posted speed limits and not driving while impaired.  It appears the county has taken traffic safety seriously by practicing safe driving.”

The Coalition wants to recognize the local law enforcement agencies for doing their part by making the roads safer and Judge James Dehn for his active role in addressing drunk driving and promoting traffic safety.

Isanti Police Chief Ron Sager and Isanti County Toward Zero Deaths Safety Coalition member adds, “Delivering a death notification is one of the hardest things a police officer ever does.  Thanks to all of you, we’ve not had to do any notifications because of a traffic crash in our county this year.”

In addition, Isanti County has implemented Safe Cab, a model program to provide alternative transportation for impaired drivers. Local bars are aware of the program and should be commended for promoting this to their customers to keep our roads safe.

Bollenbeck and Chief Sager also note to residents of the county to celebrate this milestone with the Isanti County Toward Zero Deaths Safety Coalition and keep up the good work by continuing to drive safety for the remainder of the year.

“Maybe we could go the entire year without someone dying on our roadways. Wouldn’t that be great?” Bollenbeck added.

For more information on the Isanti County Toward Zero Death Coalition, or to become a Coalition member or attend a meeting, contact Bob Bollenbeck at 320-679-4065 (x24).