Little Free Library opens in Cambridge

David Healy, son of Jerry and Millie Healy and brother of Liz Healy, built and posted “The Little Free Library” in front of the Healy’s home at 2935 Holly St. S.

The Little Free Library in Cambridge is located at 2935 Holly St. S. Photos by Elizabeth Sias

The Little Free Library is three mail boxes wide and is posted in the ground like a mail box. David Healy had already built and posted the same Little Free Library in front of his home in St. Paul.

Little Free Library is a movement to place libraries in neighborhoods around the world.

Started in 2009, the Little Free Library organization has the mission of promoting literacy and love of reading, fostering a sense of community, and building more than 2,150 little libraries around the world. They are well on the way to that final goal, and now Cambridge is the site of the Little Free Library.

The little library has a varied collection of fiction, nonfiction, magazines and music.

According to the Healys, guests are invited to take a book and read it, then return it or pass it on to someone else. Neighbors are encouraged to contribute to the collections.

The Holly Street Library has already seen a brisk business, with items being taken and added frequently.

The Healys welcome the public to come by and check them out.

If the public would like more information on the Little Free Library movement, they are invited to visit the website at There the public can find a map of little free libraries around the United States. Soon, Cambridge will be on the map as well.