Celebration for Carl Peterson’s 100th birthday

Judy Knudson
Guest Article

Carl Peterson was born in Grass Lake in 1912 and turned 100 this year. To honor him for reaching that age and for his role in preserving the Grass Lake Church building, located just north of Braham, a birthday party was held for Carl Peterson on Saturday, July 7, 2012.

Carl Peterson and his family members celebrate his 100th birthday on July 7. Photo by Judy Knudson

Carl grew up in Grass Lake and his family attended what was then the Grass Lake Swedish Mission Church. He remembers attending church in a horse and buggy and parking in the horse barn that was on the premises at that time.

Although Carl has lived and worked in the Twin Cities for many years, he still owns his home place in Grass Lake. Due to his fond memories of growing up in the area and attending the Edison school and the Mission church in the town of Grass Lake, he has worked for many years to have the church building restored to preserve the memory of that town. It is the only building left of what was once a thriving town. The Kanabec History Center now owns the building so it is an historic Kanabec County building.

Carl Peterson “riding” a motorcycle.

After several years of work, the building is usable and available for rent for weddings, meetings, family reunions, etc. Carl celebrated with many family and friends and enjoyed telling some of his stories of growing up in the area, listening to old time and Scandinavian music, having cake and ice cream, planting a tree and “riding” a motorcycle.