Minnesota stands for liberty of the individual

Dear Editor:

Last night (June 18) I had a conversation with Brian Johnson whom I consider to be a fine man and citizen. As the Republican candidate for the Minnesota House, he told me his major effort would be ‘job creation.’ I like that. I asked him how he justified the ‘Marriage Amendment’ the Republicans are putting to voters as a Constitutional Amendment this fall. He told me he would vote for it.

So many business leaders (see the editorial in the Star Tribune June 19) are against this amendment. The simple fact is that young educated job creators have been attracted to Minnesota because of the lively cultural attractions and welcoming openness that is characteristic of our state. I am confused about why some people say their first goal is job creation but they also want to send a message to the nation that Minnesota is going to close the door to gay and lesbian citizens.

I hope we can send the opposite message to the nation that Minnesota stands for liberty of the individual and tolerance for individual differences. I am a happily married family man and I am not going to stand in judgement of others rights to marry who they want so they have the legal protections they deserve.

Howard Lewis