Somewhere Else is closing its doors; thanks community for the support

Dear Editor:

There are so many people in this community and the surrounding communities who have blessed both the staff and kids of ‘Somewhere Else’ over the past 12 plus years.

It’s hard to believe we have been open that long. There are way too many people to list so we thought the local newspaper would be our best option. We are trusting that you know who you are and your role with Somewhere Else.

This letter is being sent with both sadness and gratefulness.

Grateful for all of the years so many people have partnered with us.

Grateful because of that partnership many kids lives have been touched, and they have seen the love of Christ through the many volunteers over the years.

Grateful because for those of us who have had the privilege to spend time directly with kids in this ministry have had our lives impacted and even given us lasting relationships with many of the kids.

It also comes with sadness because after more than 12 years of ministry we have prayerfully made the difficult decision to close the doors of ‘Somewhere Else.’ We trust that God has other plans and we are asking those who have partnered with us to please continue to pray for the kids in this community. Pray for those who come from difficult situations, and haven’t yet experienced the amazing peace, love and life that comes from surrendering to Jesus. We ask that when you see kids (people) who may look different, scary or dressed inappropriately that you would see them the way Jesus sees them, remembering that we never know why others behave the way they do but that they are fearfully and wonderfully made.

Years ago, one of our volunteers asked a boy why he dressed the way he did (black clothes, black hair, black makeup, chains) and his response was that if people were afraid of him he wouldn’t get hurt. This was something that spoke volumes, and forever changed my heart towards making a judgment based on appearance. Next time you have the opportunity with a kid you don’t know, smile, say hello or buy them a soda—what seems like so little can mean so much.

We are so thankful for this community and the support we have received over the years. Thankful for You!

Tammy Forslund
Somewhere Else