Right now there is a battle among so called Christian groups

Dear Editor:

During a basketball, football, or baseball game have you noticed that the players know what they are supposed to be doing? You do not see a player running down a base hitter and tackling him. Players don’t dribble the football. Each sport has its own rules, its own identifiable characteristics. Baseball is not basketball.

Yet, when it comes to being a Christian, there is confusion as to what a Christian believes. This is nothing new. Christianity has a history of challenges to what is written in the Bible and there have always been those who want to reinterpret it.

Right now there is a battle among so called Christian groups: Do we conform ourselves to what the Bible says or do we change what it says to match what the current culture says?

Yes, some mistakes were made in the past when some Christians interpreted passages in the wrong way and it took civil wars and years of legislating to change back to what the entire Bible was saying.

The amendment we will be voting on this November is a vote on whether the Bible is correct or not on the issue of same sex marriage. This should not be an issue for those who are of the Christian faith.

When saying this, the question arises as to what does the Christian do that has this homosexual bent, this SSA (Same Sex Attraction)? There are people out there who can help and are honest and trustworthy in representing Jesus Christ. Pornography is not an answer and definitely not a solution and neither is looking for sexual encounters. The Christian faith is based on a love that changes people for the better and Jesus is our source of that. He knows we need him.

Dennis Rude