Lorsung follows family tradition for Eagle Scout award

Kevin Lorsung of Isanti is on the home stretch to becoming the third son of Donald and Deb Lorsung to earn his Eagle Scout Award after he led an irrigation project in the Rosary Garden at St. Elizabeth’s Catholic Church of Isanti.

To pull off his Eagle Scout Award irrigation project at St. Elizabeth’s Catholic Church, Kevin Lorsung relied on the expertise of Isanti Knights of Columbus member Dennis Carpenter. Photos by Greg Hunt

Hoses and sprinklers previously had to be hauled around to  water the Rosary Garden, and some lawn areas in the undergrowth of the trees just weren’t growing well. Lorsung, a member of the Isanti Troop #523, conferred with Father Jose Edayadinil of St. Elizabeth’s, then he connected with Isanti Knights of Columbus member Dennis Carpenter for further advisement on an irrigation plan, with supplies getting accumulated over early spring 2012.

“I talked to the Knights about funding, and they had $200 to go at first. Dennis ended up picking up the supplies for me since I was in the last week of school, and it ended up the Knights and the church pretty much supplied the actual materials,” said Lorsung. “It was funny because I was talking to a few Knights, and they said, ‘Well, in repayment, you can join the Knights when you turn 18,’ so I probably will. I would like to do that wherever I go to college.”

The four flowery corners of the Rosary Garden at St. Elizabeth’s now have sprinklers, with more sprinklers running along the lawn of the garden.

Finally, the big work day was set for Saturday, June 2 in the garden. Quite a few Boy and Cub Scouts showed up to handle the digging the areas for the irrigation tracks. Volunteers from the Knights handled the soldering and connections for the lines, with Lorsung having the Scouts watch some of that work as a learning experience.

Sprinkler heads were placed in each of the raised four corner flower gardens. Additionally, sprinkler heads were fixed along the walkway, shooting sideways to not get the metal pieces of the Rosary chain wet, explained Lorsung.

Lorsung began Scouting as a Tiger Cub in Iowa, moving to Isanti in 2005 with the family his Webelo year. He spreads his summer time with sports and church activities, but he said a favorite Scouting event is the January winter camp at Spectacle Lake.

With the completion of the community service project at St. Elizabeth’s, Kevin follows elder brothers Joe and Jeff in earning the Eagle Scout Award, planning on a Court of Honor in either July or early August.

“Joe wanted me to get Eagle Scout, but I got a lot more pressure from Jeff. I kind of delayed it a bit– actually we both kind of did that,” laughed Kevin. “Now that it’s done, I’m glad to get that pressure off me. I called them right after we got the irrigation done, and they were, like, yelling– it was a good time!

“I’m definitely excited to be the third Eagle Scout in the family. Hopefully, we can pass on the legacy down to our children.”