Ryan Fiereck announces candidacy for House District 31A

On March 31, school teacher Ryan Fiereck, a moderate DFL candidate, filed his papers to run for Minnesota House 31A.

Ryan Fiereck

“Government can not function off of extreme politics anymore. This last legislative session was another example of politics before people. My focus will be on working with the legislature to help advance our homes, lives, and schools,” Fiereck commented.

Fiereck has a record of stepping up as an educator. He’s currently the vice-president of local 1977.

“The last round of contract negotiations was tough for everyone. We’re at a crisis point. The state can not continue to balance the budget on the back’s of local school districts. School funding being spent on the interest in a loan because government could not find a compromise is irresponsible. The state and communities need to work together to make sure we have the student’s best interests in mind,” Fiereck said when asked about his feelings on current school conditions.

Beyond the Educator’s Union, Fiereck has been a leader throughout the district. He’s held positions on many decision making committees. Focusing on guiding his workplace and district in aspects of technology implementations, training, and vision for student and staff. As a coach for St. Francis, he has overseen numerous remakes to the varsity video scouting department. His leadership helped reshape expectations of both the coaches and the players alike.

Fiereck is a volunteer firefighter in the town of Bethel, where he lives with his wife and one year old daughter. Through his experience with the department, he has had many opportunities to help his community members. He continues to serve his community as a member of the Bethel Fire Department.

“I look forward to the opportunity to serve the citizens of this new proud district. I’ll earn your support,” Fiereck concluded.