Braham City Council discusses roadwork

At the June 12 regular Braham City Council meeting, street projects were primary discussion points. First off, the Horseshoe Meadows 2nd and 4th Addition final wear course projects were checked off when assessments were approved for Appaloosa Court in the 2nd Addition.

The city received a very comfortable low bid from Knife River Corporation of $109,840 to complete the wear course work on four streets in those two developments. The final piece of the that puzzle was approving the assessments of $1,460 per property piece on 2nd Addition which was backed by 15 of the 16 property owners on that private drive.

“Those property owners were convinced they were not going to find a better price on their own to complete the needed wear course,” said Braham Mayor Patricia Carlson before the 4-0 vote approved the action.

Secondly, the beat-up streets in the northeast corner of town (N. Beachwood, Dellwood, 4th St. NE and 5th St. NE) were discussed with City Engineer Brian Miller as a No. 1 road priority among four possible projects. With Knife River coming to town for the Horseshoe Meadows work, Miller will perform a feasibility study with a Knife River contractor to see if a “recycle” or “reclaim” project can be done quickly and somewhat inexpensively this season.

The tricky part is that, by Minnesota Statute, road work will have to be assessed on residences on those streets in the 20-30 percent neighborhood. Council member Terry Turnquist remarked it would behoove residents living along the Beachwood to 5th Street NE stretch to get on board quickly with 100 percent approval if they hope to get those streets repaired this year. Otherwise, the project will have to be delayed until 2013 since the regular feasibility study, public hearing and assessment process would have to be followed.


In other action, the council:

• Approved the resolution to adopt the USDA Rural Development Bond Financing on the Waste Water Treatment Facility project which will pay off the $778,000 interim financing bond through the Minnesota Rural Water Finance Authority. Also included in that package is refinancing $196,000 remaining in bonds from the 1993 WWTF upgrade.

• Passed on the three-option offer from Crown Castle to purchase the T-Mobile Tower Lease on the tower at the compost site, instead choosing to stick with the present T-Mobile lease agreement.

• Approved the nine 2012 General Election judges for the Braham precinct, with Gary Skarsten and Dixie Randall serving as Head Judges.

• Approved Braham Police Chief Robert Knowles’ request to send three confiscated vehicles to auction.

Next meeting: Monday, July 9, 7 p.m.