Paddle, Pedal & Run draws many athletes

Marcella Mossberg of Isanti placed 3rd. She is pictured shooting out of the “Paddle” gate with son Jacob Mossberg (15th in men’s). Photos by Greg Hunt

The 11th annual Paddle, Pedal & Run Triathlon hosted by the Cambridge Cycling Club Saturday, June 2, was another huge success held on a gorgeous summer morning around Spectacle Lake. Ryan Bohn of Cambridge was the overall individual winner by covering the three-tiered course in 1:03:40. Placing 2nd and 3rd in the Men’s Division were Santiago Morgan of Minneapolis (1:04:10) and Matthew Nikodyn of Waite Park (1:09:34).

Julie Peterson of Cambridge was the top female finisher with a time of 1:13:25. Kenzie Schad of Sartell was 2nd (1:18:39), and Marcella Mossberg of Isanti placed 3rd. She is pictured shooting out of the “Paddle” gate with son Jacob Mossberg (15th in men’s).

Cambridge Cycling Club’s next big event: the annual Rum River Bike Classic on Saturday, June 16, headquartered out of the Cambridge Armed Forces Reserve and Community Center. 

Cambridge Cycling Club leader Chad Christenson shouted out routes and rules prior to the opening of the Paddle, Pedal & Run. Christenson matched up with Joe Renier, Mark Leenay and Ted Bell (all of Cambridge) to win the Team Division title with an impressive combined time of 54:21. Outdoor Edge and CCC member K.C. Bohn paired with niece Mallory Bohn for a 2nd-place team finish of 1:11:25. The 3rd-place team was Clyde, Michael and Josh Bloyer of People’s Bank of Cambridge at 1:12:25.

11th Annual Paddle, Pedal & Run Triathlon

Men’s Division Top 3: Ages 1-19– Paul Elmstrand, Isanti, 1:14:45; Jack Hennen, Cambridge, 1:18:19; Jacob Mossberg, Isanti, 1:19:33.  Ages 20-29– Ryan Bohn, Cambridge, 1:03.40; Braden Johnson, Cambridge, 1:23:33; David Brace, Cambridge, 1:30:15.  Ages 30-39– Matthew Nikodyn, unk, 1:09:34; Jeremiah Johnson, Coon Rapids, 1:13:36; Travis Bukuski, unk, 1:18:04. Ages 40-49– Morgan Santiago, Minneapolis, 1:04:17; David Spizman, Cambridge, 1:10:37; Brook Leonard, Burke VA, 1:15:13. Ages 50+– Mike Brown, Mora, 1:16:39; Darren Carroll, Minneapolis, 1:17:45; Robert Dahms, Mora, 1:18:16.

Women’s Division Top 3: Ages 1-19– Kenzie Schad, Sartell, 1:18:39; Megan Yasis, Dresser WI, 1:59:56. Ages 20-29– Nicole Burow, Cambridge, 1:46:44; Misty Swanson, Big Lake, 1:54:31; Ashley Mages, North Branch, 1:55:55.  Ages 30-39– Marcella Mossberg, Isanti, 1:25:02; Tina McCarty, Stanchfield, 1:30:30; Kelly Scare-Klecker, unk, 1:32:37. Ages 40-49– Jeni Schad, Sartell, 1:25:28; Jane Morgan, unk, 1:27:53; Jennifer TenNapel, Stanchfield, 1:32:21. Ages 50+– Jule Peterson, Cambridge, 1:13:25; Julie Marcotte, Anoka, 1:27:34; Denise Baxter, St. Cloud, 1:32:00.

The second wave of Paddlers chased the canoeists and kayakers in Heat 1 across beautiful Spectacle Lake as the Paddle, Pedal & Run got underway June 2.